Allow me to give you the insider scoop on why I'm here and why I'm so passionate about healing from burn-out!

I’m Kirstyn Mayden.

Hey there!

I help the burned-out woman in ministry recover her confidence, connection and hope so she can serve God with gladness again. 

I’ve said this phrase multiple times a day for years. This has been my mantra. My life consisted of endless Zoom, ministry meetings and multiple projects to complete. Where was the fun? Where was my joy? God reminded me I was saying yes to too much, and something had to change. 

Sound familiar?

I’ve said “yes” too much, instead of saying no. I told myself the need was great. I didn’t want to let God, others or myself down. I thought saying “yes” to more would draw me closer to God; it actually drew me further from Him.

"I’m tired."

This is why I show up everyday!

And now, it’s your turn!

Instead of saying yes to everything, God reminded me that more is not better.

By scaling back with purposeful intention, and saying no to what was draining me, I was able to recover from burnout.

I am here to help!

God wants us to serve with gladness and be filled with His unconditional love, contentment, and grace. Today, you may feel burned out. But, don’t lose hope. I invite you to work with me as we move forward to recovering all you think is lost. Don’t give up.

With God’s help and us working together, you will serve with gladness again. 

Let’s restore your confidence, hope and connection to the Father and desire to serve again with the joy of the Lord!

I have a Master of Divinity degree from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. I’m grateful to be a contributing writer for several online Christian publications including Beloved Women, BibleStudyTools, iBelieve and YouVersion. Additionally, I’ve also been featured on the Rooted and Overflowing and The Path podcasts. I've been happily married for 14 years and have one daughter.



 I love traveling to different cities and experiencing their unique culture. I’ve lived in 5 different states, and have loved learning the unique style of each region.

traveling makes me smile!

I love trying new and different types of food at restaurants. Thai, Italian, and Indian foods are my favorites!

i love food!

I love a great game night with family or friends! I love playing Taboo, Scattergories, CatchPhrase, and Uno!

Game night anyone?

Fun Facts

– Leslie M.

This book is such a useful tool as I position myself for peace daily. It touches on topics that consistently speak to my soul.

"This speaks to my soul."

– J. Williams

Merciful Moments is a great devotional for starting your day (or ending it) with a focus on the grace and mercy of God. Using Scripture and practical examples, Kirstyn Mayden, invites readers to reflect on God's goodness and their spiritual growth. Thanks Kirstyn for all the encouragement found in these pages! 

"Such an encouragement!"

– Denita A.

Merciful Moments is intentionally designed to help you focus on prayer and moving to action. Kirstyn’s words are kind, sincere, relatable and encouraging! You will look forward to focused quiet time with this beautifully written journal. Also makes a great gift!

"Beautifully written."

– T. Phillips

The best way to start your day is in the Word of God. Merciful Moments guides the reader into God's word each day. The devotionals are very practical, easy to understand, and very applicable to our daily lives. I especially like the action at the end of each devotional. The devotionals have been a blessing to me, and I'm certain they'll be a blessings to you as well. 

"Easy to understand."

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Don’t leave before downloading my free “3 Day-Rest and Recharge” Devotional Plan or booking a discovery call with me. I’m excited about partnering with you as you recover from burnout and restore the joy that God wants for you!

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In Christ, you can recover your confidence, connection and hope to serve God with gladness again. Get started with my 3-day devotional plan, “Rest and Recharge.”

Don’t be burned-out and overwhelmed one more day.

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