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Journey with me together on your road to burnout recovery! Start by downloading my free 3 Day Rest and Recharge Devotional Plan.

Recover from burnout and strengthen your soul.

Recover from burnout.
Strengthen your soul.

Hey, sis!

Let’s journey together!

Let’s journey together!

Recover Rest

Recover Connection

Recover Hope

While you are serving and ministering to everyone else, your individual health, heart, and home is in disarray.

Today, let’s change course and begin to recover all that has been lost.

Saying yes to everything and everyone is stealing your peace and joy.

You’re showing up to worship on Sunday morning trying to focus on praising God, but exhausted as you sit in the pew.

You’re ministering to and encouraging others online through teaching and speaking, but you desperately need to be filled back up.

You’re serving on multiple ministries for months and years because the need is great.

Going through the motions of serving in ministry from obligation. 

It's all a part of my mission to help women in ministry restore joy and balance in their lives while serving God, but not at the expense of their physical, mental or spiritual well-being.

I use my 20+ years of ministry experience to equip you with empowering resources, workshops, and life-changing community. 

I help the burned-out woman in ministry recover her confidence, connection and hope so she can serve God with gladness again.

I'm Kirstyn Mayden.

Hey there!

In this 27 day devotional with uplifting scripture, devotional teachings, prayer and action questions, I help you to overcome overwhelm and burnout, while receiving God’s grace and mercy more each day. 

Merciful Moments Devotional Journal

Journey through a devotional plan that gives you permission to rest and recharge, before moving forward with what God has called you to do.

3 Day Rest and Recharge Devotional Plan

Draw closer to God with blog articles that empower you to recover from burnout with scriptures, strategies, and bi-weekly encouragement.

Blog Posts and Monthly Speaker Series

How Can I Help You?

– J. Williams

Merciful Moments is a great devotional for starting your day (or ending it) with a focus on the grace and mercy of God. Using Scripture and practical examples, Kirstyn Mayden, invites readers to reflect on God's goodness and their spiritual growth. Thanks Kirstyn for all the encouragement found in these pages! 

"Such an encouragement!"

– Leslie M.

This book is such a useful tool as I position myself for peace daily. It touches on topics that consistently speak to my soul.

"This speaks to my soul."

– Denita A.

Merciful Moments is intentionally designed to help you focus on prayer and moving to action. Kirstyn’s words are kind, sincere, relatable and encouraging! You will look forward to focused quiet time with this beautifully written journal. Also makes a great gift!

"Beautifully written."

– T. Phillips

The best way to start your day is in the Word of God. Merciful Moments guides the reader into God's word each day. The devotionals are very practical, easy to understand, and very applicable to our daily lives. I especially like the action at the end of each devotional. The devotionals have been a blessing to me, and I'm certain they'll be a blessings to you as well. 

"Easy to understand."

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"You cannot give to and serve others with what is not being regularly filled up within yourself."

-Kirstyn Mayden

An Empty Vessel Must Be Filled

Devotional Joural

In Christ, you can recover your confidence, connection and hope to serve God with gladness again. Get started with my 3-day devotional plan, “Rest and Recharge.”

Don’t be burned-out and overwhelmed one more day.

Free Devotional!

"You cannot give to and serve others with what is not being regularly filled up within yourself."
-Kirstyn Mayden (Excerpt from Merciful Moments)

An Empty Vessel Must Be Filled

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